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National Basketball Association or known by the abbreviation NBA is the men's basketball league in the United States and is the most prestigious basketball league in the world.

The NBA was founded in New York City on June 6, 1946 under the name Basketball Association of America (BAA). At this time, in the NBA competition, there are 30 clubs, each centered in one city, except Los Angeles which has two teams, namely the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers.

Before entering the regular season, each team starts training camps at the end of November. This training camp is organized by coaching staff to evaluate the players (especially the rookie), examine the team's strengths and weaknesses, and determine the twelve main players who will compete in the regular season. After the training camp, there were a number of friendly matches with fellow NBA teams. End of October, the regular season is held.

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The NBA has a regular season with each team competing 82 times against other clubs, with 41 home and away matches each. Details of the schedule, each team played four matches against one division team, four matches against six teams from the other two divisions, and the rest (four teams) played three matches. Finally, each team competed with all teams from different regions, each with two matches. On Christmas Day, where other competitions or leagues are on vacation, the NBA continues to hold matches (taking place since 1947).