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Watch Live Boxing Tonight Stream Online Free Full Fight Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury - Boxing is a sport and a martial art that features two participants of similar weight competing with each other using their fists in a series of one or three minute competition called a round. In both the Olympics and professional sports, Watch Live Broadcasts Boxing both boxers avoid their opponents' punches while attempting to land their own punches on their opponents.
Values ​​are given for clean and steady hits to the front of the waist to the legitimate top of the opponent, with a blow to the head and chest getting more value. Boxers with higher scores after a planned number of rounds will be declared the winner. Victory can also be achieved if the opponent is knocked down and unable to rise until the tenth count of the referee (a Knockout or KO) or if the opponent is declared unable to continue the match (a Technical Knockout or TKO). For the purposes of the match record, TKO is counted as a KO.

The word "boxing" is a translation of the English word "boxing" or "Pugilism". The word Pugilism comes from the Latin word, pugilatus or loan from the Greek words Pugno, Pignis, Pugnare, which signify everything that is in the form of a box or "Box" in its English language. Human Fist, if clenched, is shaped like a box. The Greek word pugno means hands clenched into fists, ready for pugnos, fighting, boxing. In mythology, the father and Boxing are Poliux, twin brothers of Castor, the legendary sons of Jupiter and Leda.

The first boxing match recorded in history was, among others, against Abel. The Mahabrata also records boxing matches, which preceded the recording of fights between Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. The first famous boxer of Greek nationality named Theagenes from Thaos who won the Olympic Games 450 AD. He made the match 1,406 times by using a boxing gloves made of iron. Most of the opponents were killed when fighting against him. Although boxing has been known for centuries as a form of entertainment, an Englishman named Jack Broughton, champion of Britain, was also the first person to use a boxing glove. These regulations and boxing gloves were introduced on August 10, 1973.

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